Metal Statues

We provide a premium selection of metal statues, which are frequently given out during academic and athletic award ceremonies. Quality raw materials are used in the fabrication of these brass statues. These hardwood bases that these metal figurines are set on can be customised with your logos and messages. These statues can be lacquered and gilded in the following ways: Nickle Finish in double-color antique brass Sterling plated Silver Plated

BlackBuck Metal Statue

Gold Plated Statues

Guru Dronacharya Gold Plated Statues

Peacock Gold Plated Statues

Bhagwan Parshuram

Bhagwan Vishnu Virat Roop Gold Plated

Hen Gold Plated

Maharaj Khatu Shyam

Mata Sheetla

Om Gold Metal

Ram Ji Gun Metal

Sheetla Mata Gold Plated